Rhone Alpes Summary & Vid

Last month I was fortunate to be able to head to the French Alps (Rhone Alpes) with photographer and long time buddy, Gabe Rogel.  We spent week one reconnecting with our hostel days in Tignes 1800 (just below Les Boisses), and getting familiarized with Tignes and Val d’ Isere (VDS).  The weather was anything but ideal for skiing much less shooting and sadly, two local guides actually died in a glide avalanche the day we arrived.  As a result, we basically skied around during the day hoping for the weather to break and then shooting around the village in the evenings.  It was still a blast and, supprisingly, we did come away with a few good shots from the week.

The second week Bosse Landberger and Jess McMillan joined us, along with VDS locals Clare Burns and Johan Ogren.  Bo always says that when he is in VDS it snows and then aventually goes blue…….check and check.  Thanksfully, it did just that.  It was still a bit active snowpack wise and lots of sluff, but what a week.  Couloirs, steeps, big traverses, new friends and good people all round.  I really enjoyed the opprotunity to shoot with Jess and see how she appraoches everything…..what a pro!  It was also great to see Gabe rip up terrain and manage exposure as well as he does.  He is one of the best athletes I have ever skied with and I cannot help to think that he is often on the wrong side of that camera lens.  To say the least, I really learned a lot on this trip.

After a week with Bo and crew, people started to head out and it was back to Gabe and I. Now that Bo headed back to Sweden, the weather rolled back in as well.  Gabe and I basically turned our last few days into decompress time.  We shot some fun lifestyle stuff and once back into Geneva, I was able to be a true tourist and emerse into the culture and history (see hidden edit in my vid below).  I’m quite a sucker for museums. What a great trip.

Here is my edit from the Rhone Alpes:

130304-130321 Rhone Alpes from Teton FreeRide on Vimeo.

Now, I am back in AK for the remainder of the Spring and am looking forward to it.  Spring in AK is AMAZING.  In just a few days, we will be dropped about 25 miles SW of Denali, on the Pika Glacier, in an area dubbed as LIttle Switzerland!  Stay tuned………………….. Mikey

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