Good times in the Tetons

Checking in from Driggs, ID and I don’t really know where to start.  It has been a tough winter, but a fun one none-the-less.

A wet Jewel Glacier, AK

I left a very wet and un-winter like Alaska in mid December for the Tetons to spend part of the winter back at the Ghee working ski patrol.  The first few weeks I was here were indicative of a good ole fashioned Grand Foggy winter, white and fluffy.  Unfortunately, I spent most of January and part of February nursing a lower back injury.  However, it was about the driest and warmest February on record in the Tetons so I did not really miss much.  Despite the little set back (pun intended), I have been able to get out and enjoy some great sunny tours in the Tetons!  It has been really nice to spend a solid amount of time back in the ole stomping grounds and to be back in the swing of things with the GTSP crew.  Honestly, it has felt as though I lever left!  Originally, I was motivated to utilize the ski patrol opportunity to gain a little more medical experience prior to starting nursing school in May, but it has proven to provide much more.  Not to mention the lack of a winter thus far in AK.

AM Marys sweep on a sunny mornin

It has started to snow a little again in the Tetons (knocking on wood), and I hope the trend continues as I somehow only have a few weeks left in the homeland.  A couple of media opportunities and a hand full of patrol shifts left then I am off to Ecuador and then back to AK.  I am beyond ready to get started with nursing school and the new adventures to come, but am also very excited to soak up every last bit of the winter and spring.  I am very fortunate to have the opportunities and support that I do as a skier and outdoor athlete.  Everyday is a welcomed and humbling reminder of such a fortune, and knowing that I have been able to continue the dream for more than half of my life to this point is just that, nothing short of a dream come true!  Thank you all for your support and following!!!  Vid edit to follow soon and more adventures to come……



Scarpa Freedom RS Just when you thought it could not get any better than the Freedom SL, the ultimate freeride / touring quiver in one, Scarpa goes and does something like this.  The Freedom RS, to be released Fall 2015, is the lighter and even stiffer upgrade to the SL.  This boot is undoubtedly going to raise the bar in the freeride/tour movement.  Keep your eyes out!

Marker Kingpin Maker has joined the tech-binding world with a bang!  This binding combines the pin toe of a traditional tech binding and the traditional heal lock of a freeride binding to give us the best of both worlds.  The addition of a third spring in the toe lock system allows this binding to be pushed harder, further and higher than the standard for this technology.

Marmot Tram Line Jacket This jacket utilizes a waterproof breathable MemBrain shell over lightweight synthetic insulation to provide versatility and comfort both on the mountain and in the tram line.

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